About Earth to Kace
Hello! My name is Kaci Alvarez and I'm the brains (and everything else) behind Earth to Kace. I'm a twenty-two year old recent college grad. I'm a born and raised Texan and love flaunting it.

I have a son, Odie. He is brown and white and furry all over. People judge him because of his breed but he is the sweetest thing in the entire world. He is the one thing that can relieve me of all my stress that I tend to write a lot about on here. I also have an amazing fiance, John. We've been together for four years and is my biggest cheerleader. He supports me in everything that I do and comforts me when all of it becomes too much.

I have a passion for writing. While it was definitely not my favorite subject in school, I have a knack for it, so I decided to pursue it. I'm a news producer for 12News Now in Beaumont, Tx which means I get to write news everyday. Let me tell you, I'm loving every single minute of the adult life.

I'm also a sucker for photography, Halloween, tea, romance movies, giraffes, chicken nuggets, reading, traveling, make up, blogging (obvi), family, friends, and my lord and savior, Jesus Christ.

As for Earth to Kace, I decided to put everything out there and leave my electronic foot print in 2014. It started off as an outlet to just release my thoughts, even though I own several empty journals. It soon became a passion. I found my niche and decided to run with it. I tend to focus my writing on beauty, travel, and life, but have so much more. Since my first post, Earth to Kace has evolved into something more than just another blog ran by a girl who loves crafting and makeup. This entire thing is something that is now a part of me.

So, welcome to Earth to Kace. I hope you enjoy a look inside my brain!