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Hi friends! My name is Kaci, and I'm the brains — and everything else  behind Earth to Kace. I'm 25 years old, and I love creatively expressing myself (hence this blog)!

I was born and raised in Texas, and I'm currently living in the Austin area. This part of Texas just soothes my soul. It truly is home. I am married to the love of my life, John. We've been together since 2013, and we tied the knot in 2018! He's truly my partner-in-crime and biggest cheerleader.

We have the best doggo named Odie. He's an American Pitbull Terrier, and he wouldn't hurt a fly. He's the best snuggler and goofiest little boy in the world.

I have a passion for writing. While it was definitely not my favorite subject in school, I have a knack for it. My career is in the news industry. I'm a news producer for a local station in Austin, which means I get to write all day, every day for a living! While the news in general can be draining, I am so passionate about informing my community about important events and issues.

To get my mind off of the negatives in life, I tend to focus my free time of things that make me happy like spending time with my little family, watching series/movies that I love, FaceTiming my friends, and dancing around our house listening to old records.

I'm also a sucker for all things nerdy (mainly Star Wars and Supernatural), Halloween, fashion, video editing, interior design, running, tarot, and traveling.

As for Earth to Kace, I decided to put everything out there and leave my electronic foot print in 2014. It started off as an outlet to jot down my thoughts. Since my first post, Earth to Kace has evolved into so much more. It's become a part of me. It's a place for me to be 100% unapologetically myself. It's a place where I can scream about my favorite movies and characters. It's a place where I can fangirl on camera while vlogging conventions. It's a place for me to be me in this huge and somewhat terrify online world. 

So, welcome! I hope you enjoy a glimpse into my world.