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Sunday, August 30, 2020


Four years. That's how long it's been since I've really sat down to write a blog post.

A lot has changed since 2016. I'VE changed. Like I said in my previous post re-introducing Earth to Kace, I want this blog to reflect who I am as a person. So why not fill you in on some of the major moments that happened while I was away? This may be long, so bear with me.


We last left off in the fall of 2016. It was my first semester of my senior year in college, and I was finally starting to come to terms with what I wanted to do after graduation. I remember that semester being jam packed due to me trying to get in all the hard credits I needed to graduate so I could have an easy, breezy last semester. Typical, I know. I finished that semester off with A's and B's, and I was soon on a plane to Orlando, Florida to celebrate the holidays with family.

During that trip, three notable things happened: 1. I got sick the moment I arrived. 2. I visited The Wizarding World of Harry Potter for the first time. And 3. I got engaged!

Yup. You heard that right. John popped the question! I absolutely loved how he did it, too. It was on Christmas eve, and he disguised the ring in a new iPhone box as a Christmas present. Like I said, that night I was sick, but I wouldn't have wanted to change anything about the proposal (even the fact that I had to cut the celebrations short that night because I had a fever lol).


As soon as John got down on one knee, the wedding planning began. However, I had to get through my last semester of college first. That semester was a breeze and probably my most memorable as well. In May 2017, I crossed the stage and got my Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Studies with a minor in Digital Journalism. It was such an incredible experience, and I'm so thankful I was blessed enough to, not only be able to go to college in the first place, but to also get a degree that would lead me to my dream job.

Two weeks after graduation, I snagged said dream job as a news producer at a local news station. My life was truly about to change. I packed up my things and moved 5 hours away to Beaumont, Texas. Here's where things get sticky. I truly truly truly loved my job. I loved being able to create two newscasts a day and inform my community about important events and issues that were happening. I learned so much at that station, and I don't think I would've excelled as much as I have in my profession if that wasn't my first job out of college. Although I loved my job, I had a really tough time living in Beaumont in general. I was away from John and Odie, the two most prominent beings in my life because John was still finishing up his last semester of college in Corpus Christi and he would have more time for Odie. So, I was truly alone.

Because of this, I became really depressed. I won't go into all the details, but let's just say my life was an endless loop of doing absolutely nothing. The only things that helped me during that time was FaceTiming John, pouring myself into wedding planning, and Supernatural. Yeah, the TV show. For context, let's rewind to my last semester of college. I was bored one January day, and instead of doing my homework, John suggested I watch this show that he thought I'd like. Boy, was he right. I became OBSESSED. I binge watched all (at the time) 12 seasons in the span of a few months, and was able to watch the season finale live. Supernatural gave me the opportunity to forget about my reality, and get sucked into a far more exciting world.

So, while I was alone in my empty one bedroom apartment in Beaumont, I re-watched episodes... I read fan fiction... I browsed through fan art... I did anything and everything Supernatural related to keep my mind off of the fact that my fiancé and pupper weren't with me. I'm honestly so blessed I found that show when I did, because I really don't know what I would've done.

As I immersed myself into the world of Supernatural and the fandom, I dragged one of my best friends, Mikayla, along with me. That is what cemented our friendship, our love for this show. In October 2017, her and I drove hours to another state just to go meet the actors. We were giddy and nervous and all the feelings, but the convention in New Orleans sparked something within us that hasn't burned out since.

At that convention, I met four of the actors — Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, and Danneel Ackles. (At this time she wasn't on the show yet, but I was am still so in love with her, I was one of the first people to line up to see her!) That first convention was the start of something great. Since then, Mikayla and I have traveled to different cities throughout the country to attend them. I've met and gotten to opportunity to interact with several of the stars, and I'm so thankful for that. It's truly changed my life for the better. I actually vlog every convention I go to, so if you're interested in reliving those experiences with me, click HERE!

The high from mine and Mikayla's first convention never stopped, because just a few months later, John and I got married! We tied the knot in January 2018, and it was truly the best day of my life! We were surrounded by family and friends, and I can honestly say it was the party of the year!


Soon after our wedding and our incredible honeymoon to Vail, Colorado, John and I packed up our belongings and moved to Central Texas. John got an incredible job out in the country, and I was lucky enough to transfer to Beaumont's sister station in Austin. We were finally getting to start our lives together.

During that first year, we navigated our way as a married couple. We lived in our one bedroom apartment, we celebrated our first Valentine's Day/Halloween/Christmas as a married couple. It was truly something out of a fairytale. During our time in that apartment, many memories were made. We went on road trips, many dates, once in a lifetime concerts, and lived our best lives without worry.

While John is the best partner-in-crime a girl could ask for, I also made so many incredible friends during that time. My new co-workers were great, and surprisingly a show brought so many wonderful people into my life. Living in Central Texas gave me a lot of great opportunities to attend events hosted by some of the stars of Supernatural since they live here. (Disclaimer because I know I'll get asked this: No, I did not move to the area just so I could be closer to the main actors. I grew up in Central Texas and I was itching to get back as soon as I could after living in Beaumont for a while.)  

With that being said, the events I was able to go to were amazing. And while I'm extremely thankful for the opportunity to see some of my favorite stars, the best part about it was meeting so many people who shared the same passion as me.


Who would've thought one little TV show would introduce me to some of my best friends? Another great question is, who would've thought one little TV show would inspire me to run a marathon? That's right. The stars of Supernatural motivated me to accomplish something I had always set my mind to, but never thought I'd be able to do. In December 2018, members of the SPNFamily (Misha Collins and Vicki Vantoch, Jensen Ackles, Jared and Genevieve Padalecki, Rob Benedict, Jason Manns, Adam Fergus, Rachel Miner, and Charlie Capen) ran the Amica Seattle Marathon and Half-Marathon, raising more than $118, 000 to fight childhood hunger. 

This sparked something within me. The week after they ran the race, I signed up for the Humana Rock 'N' Roll Marathon in San Antonio, and spent the next year training for it. In December 2019, I ran 26.2 miles. It took me 6h 28m, but I DID IT! It was one of my proudest moments. It made me feel so strong. I spent the entirety of 2019 vlogging my experience training as well as on race day, and I'm so happy I did because I can now look back on that incredibly hard and rewarding experience.

One of the best parts about it all was being able to tell Misha, Jensen, and Jared all about it. We made some jokes about how slow I ran and how horrible and painful it actually was, but overall they were so proud. It truly meant the world to me.

That brings us to 2020. The start of the year was great! I spent a weekend with my friends who came to Austin from all over the country. I went to the first (and now only) convention of the year. John and I even bought a house! Then the Covid-19 pandemic arrived, causing devastation across the world. So now six months later, here I am spending my time working from home and trying to find any ounce of inspiration and motivation to get things done. It's been hard and eye opening, but it has also brought some positivity in my life. Being at home has allowed me to spend even more time with John. I'm able to dedicate more time into the life we've built for ourselves. I've been finding ways to see my friends (at a distance/virtually) even more now because I realized I used to take advantage of seeing them so often. My outlook on life has truly changed, and I know the same goes for millions of others across the world.

So for now, I'm living in the present. While appreciating the last four years, it's heart-warming to see how much has changed and who I've become. But now we look forward. This blog is a reflection of who I am NOW. And I'm so excited to share more with you!

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