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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Reintroducing Earth to Kace


Hi, y'all! The last time I wrote a blog post was in 2016 (!!!!) and I thought I'd never want to do it again. Well, here we are.

I wanted to re-introduce Earth to Kace because A LOT has changed and I want this blog to reflect the person who I've become.


First of all, I started this blog back in 2014. I was a sophomore in college and I was trying to find my way. I was surrounded by frat parties, drama, evolving friendships, and a lot of moments that shaped me into who I am. This blog was a way for me to express myself and write about what I was going through. However, soon after starting Earth to Kace, I started trying to be like other bloggers. I would write product reviews. My posts weren't authentic because I wanted to write about topics that would get me the most clicks. I did everything that big name bloggers were doing, and it was honestly draining.

So, obviously, I stopped.

During the years I wasn't blogging, so much changed. I did personally. My relationships did. My outlook on life did. So much. (That will be a whole nother post in the future! maybe? Who knows. I'm winging this whole thing!) But my time away from this blog really was good for me.

Now, the new and improved Earth to Kace will be a direct reflection of who I REALLY am. I will be talking about my life  the good, the bad, the ugly. I will be talking about my passions, the things that really get me excited. And I will be doing it on MY TERMS. No deadlines. No promoting. Nothing like that, because I WANT to enjoy this. I don't want this to become another obligation.

So without further ado, here is the new and improved, authentic Earth to Kace. I hope you stick around and FINALLY get a look at the real me.

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