Wednesday, September 28, 2016

October starts in THREE DAYS, I repeat, THREE DAYS. The best month of the year is almost here and while I have my October traditions, I want to hold myself accountable for some things. I've never done a monthly goals post before but I love reading them and I think it will hold me accountable for everything I was to do during this jam packed month.

Here are my goals for October.

1. Actually decorate for Halloween
2. Reach 2,000 followers on Twitter
3. Go to the gym every week
4. Don't procrastinate on school work
5. Watch all of my top 13 Halloween movies
6. Publish the best newspapers possible for my university
7. Stay on track with blogging and vlogging
8. Bake my favorite Fall/Halloween treats
9. Continue to save money
10. Thank the people in my life more for all they do for me

I'm really excited to achieve each and every one of these goals and spend my favorite month doing amazingly fun and positive things.

Happy almost October! How are y'all spending this month? Let me know in the comments below!


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