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Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Dear Kaci,

I'm writing you because I'm now officially a senior year in college and while you grew up to be a (somewhat) responsible adult, I wanted to give you some advice to help you along the way.
Right now in your life, you aren't really thinking about your future. Cheerleading, choir, and boys are the only things on your mind and that's okay. You'll be devastated when your dream university doesn't work out and you'll be beating yourself up about not working harder in school. Great things will happen because of this. That school wasn't for you and there is so much more positives to come.

On your journey in life, there will be times when you will think to yourself that you aren't good enough or pretty enough or funny enough. Although you're extremely good at hiding this, do not believe your subconscious. You are all these things. And while you doubt yourself, you will soon realize how amazing of a person you are. You're self-confidence will continue to rise as you find your way through life.

You're about to move away from your family and while you're kind of scared, the excitement is taking over. You have always been good at saying goodbye to friends. This time you're even excited to say goodbye. You're ready to move on and make new friends and memories. Don't feel guilty because of this. It's a part of growing up and even though you will grow apart with those who were once considered your bff's, you will always look back on the amazing memories y'all shared and receive some amazing new friends along the way.

At this point in your life, you aren't looking for anything specific. You will feel like you don't have you're life together while constantly worrying about it. You will experience a lot of hard times. You will cry. I mean, really ugly cry. But you will laugh as well. Things will seem unfair at times, but they happen for a reason. Trust me.
You will also get to experience many exciting and new things on this journey through college and your life. You're growing up and although you feel as if you're lonely or stressed or anxious or jealous or happy or sad or intelligent or stupid or whatever you feel, be confident in who are you. Trust your gut. Take risks. You deserve to be happy and you will be. Trust me on that.

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