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Wednesday, June 22, 2016


I DID IT! It's been a month since John has left for South Africa. ONLY TWO MORE TO GO UNTIL HE COMES BACK!!!

For anyone who is in or ever has been in a long distant relationship, then you know all about the struggles that come along with it. This is the third summer John and I are apart and I think I've learned a lot just within those 3 months out of each year. I thought it would be interesting to talk about those lessons I've learned the hard way, because you never know who might need to hear it.

1. Timing is everything
Timing is seriously everything. You wouldn't think so but it definitely is. If you live in different timezone as your significant other, then this will be the bane of your existence. John is 7 hours ahead of me so I'm sure you can only imagine how hard it is to communicate with one another.

There will be times when he can talk after he has had dinner but I'm leaving for work and then there are times when I'm able to talk but he's asleep or getting ready to go to work. It's really difficult, but it makes it 10 times more special when we actually do get to talk.

At first it takes some time, but mentally make a schedule. Maybe there is a certain time of the day when there is a small opening to talk. Try to keep that consistent because if you don't it will be a nightmare to try to talk again.

2. Don't take the little things for granted
When couples are together all the time, they tend to not think about the little things the other person does for them. When couples are apart, that is one of the only things they always notice. It can seriously turn any persons day around if they wake up to a "good morning" text or a missed Skype call. It shows that you were on the other persons mind.

Also, once you're in a long distance relationship you're content with just talking or message that person for 30 minutes out of the day. It really makes you think about all you had while your significant other was with you.

3. Stay busy
This is crucial. The first summer John was gone, I made the mistake of doing absolutely nothing. I would go to work, come home, lay in bed, and that was it. It was honestly not good for me at all. I was bored and sad and didn't have anything to keep my mind off of John being gone.

Staying busy is extremely important when it comes to long distance relationships. If you're doing nothing then the time apart goes by very slow and it can drive you crazy!

4. Don't overthink things
Again, I made the mistake of doing this when we first experienced long distance and it honestly just burdened me and made me not happy at all. So please if you are in or will be in a long distance relationship, do not over think things. At all.

If your significant other isn't responding, there is most likely a good reason. If your significant other said he or she is will friends, they are with their friends. I know you're probably thinking "Kaci, why would anyone worry about that?" and to that I say, because you aren't there. When someone isn't with their loved one, their mind can wander and think of crazy things. But don't let it.

5.  Distance does in fact make the heart grow fonder
The famous saying is very true. Nothing beats running back into the arms of your loved one after a long duration of being apart. So if you're ever feeling down about long distance or just want to give up, remember this. It sucks at times, but stay strong because it's so worth it!

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