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Thursday, May 26, 2016


Guys, my dream of going to New York City has become a reality.
I had the opportunity to go to the Big Apple with John and his dad this past week. While the trip was short and definitely bitter sweet (I'll explain in a bit), it was such an amazing experience!

Day 1.
John and I started our journey with an early morning flight to Chicago. I absolutely love traveling with him. It's always a treat even when we are just sleeping on each other in a cramped airplane.

Our layover was short so we just grabbed a bite to eat at McDonald's (if you watch my vlogs, I'm sure you aren't surprised lol) and made our way to our gate.

Once we arrived in New York we all met up and took a cab to our hotel. First of all, that was probably the scariest experience of my life so it's no surprise that we took the subway the rest of the trip! We ended up having to get dropped off a few blocks away from our hotel and haul our luggage around because there was a shooting on the street (that screams "Welcome to New York", right?).

After the initial madness and relaxing in the room, it was time to hit Time Square!
Time Square is absolutely amazing! It was definitely overwhelming at first but I soon fell in love! Dinner was amazing, the buildings and billboards left me in awe, and the street performers were on another level!

However, I didn't know that you had to pay the people you took pictures with so you could say I was shocked when they followed me around and hounded me for money.
While I was in Time Square, I surprisingly only bought one thing. It was a makeup product of course. What else would I have bought? I spent so long in the Sephora store on Time Square, John was most likely clawing his eyes out on the inside.

I bought the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in "Gleam". I'm seriously obsessed, but I'll talk more about it in a future post! To end the night, John gave me a piggy back ride back to our hotel because my feet were hurting and he's such a good boyfriend!

Day 2.
On our only full day in NYC, we hit the ground running. We started the day off with coffee and breakfast at the HUGE Starbucks in Time Square. After we fueled ourselves, we made our way to the underground world of the subway system.

While it soon became routine, riding the subway was such a cool experience. On our first ride to the World Trade Center, performers even came on and sang to make an extra buck. Coincidently right before we got on, I told John that I hoped to see performers, so I guess NYC is in fact where dreams are made of!

We made our way to the World Trade Center Memorial and Museum. Wow, was that place filled with emotion. Just standing there, watching the water fall, and reading the names of those who lost their lives is incredible. I was swarmed with happiness because I was there, sadness for those who are no longer with us and their families, and anger because of what actually happened and how many people believe it was a conspiracy.
We spent some much needed time in silence while looking at the memorials but it was refreshing to know that the United States is moving forward but never forgetting.

We didn't have time to go into the actual 9/11 Museum, so we decided to make our way to the SoHo Fashion District for some shopping.

If you go to New York, I definitely recommend visiting the Tribeca and SoHo areas. It's not so crowded, the architecture is beautiful, and the shopping is amazing!

When John and I first landed, I told him I wanted to find a trench coat. While it isn't cold in Texas right now, I am striving to build a more professional wardrobe since I'm graduating in a year.

Well, I found the perfect coat from a store called Variazioni, which sells designer clothing at a discounted price. My new coat is part of the clothing line Laundry by Shelli Segal. It's perfect for business attire that I will soon have to wear as well as chilly nights out!
After more than a few hours of shopping and drinks, it was finally time for a hotdog on the street! That was my number one thing to do while in New York. We took a subway to Central Park, but ended up missing our stop and getting lost. We ended up in the Harlem and Bronx area and had to make our way back down. That was a-whole-nother adventure in itself.

After finding our way back to Central Park, we stopped at a hotdog stand and had the yummiest hotdog of my life before taking a walk through Central Park. Central Park was so beautiful and serene. John and I even rested in a field of grass and just talked about anything and everything!
Without knowing it was rush hour, we headed to Grand Central Station. Let me just say one thing, definitely go, but not during rush hour. People were running around and bumping into everyone in order to get home. I thought Time Square was hectic and overwhelming, but Grand Central is on a completely different level!

Despite the craziness, Grand Central is beautiful! They have a food court and restaurant underneath which is really cool, so John and I found a quaint little table that was excluded from the crowd and enjoyed ourself a small serving of sushi!
We ended our day with amazing company at a bar/restaurant and while the drinks and the food were amazing, the best part was being able to talk about a plethora of topics with amazing people! It was the perfect end to the perfect day!

Day 3.
This is where it gets a little messy.

Waking up at the crack of dawn was tough as is it, but topping that off with having to say goodbye to the love of my life was the worst.

You see, every summer John has to go back to South Africa to work and see his friends and family, while I'm here in America. Last summer wasn't as bad because we both knew I would be there with him for the entire second half of it.

This time was different. We both knew it was our last summer that we had to do this, but for some reason it was way harder to say goodbye this time than all the others.

I spent all of day three on and off planes, in different airports, trying to get back home to my family and Odie, all while crying my eyes out. Just imagine the headache I had afterwards once I landed back in Texas!
Although this post was long, I thought y'all would like to hear all about my trip! I also covered a lot of it in my weekly vlog, where you can see our adventures and me ugly crying! You can check that out HERE! Let me know what your favorite things to do in New York are (so I can have ideas for my next trip)!

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