Monday, February 29, 2016

I can't believe it's already the last day of February! Honestly, where has the time gone? Since the month is over and I haven't done one of these in a while (even though they're my favorite type of blog posts), IT'S TIME FOR ANOTHER MONTHLY FAVORITES!

February has probably been the most stressful month I've had in a long while (beside October, thanks Blogtober!!!) and these things definitely got me through it! Here are my February Favorites!
1. Yoga
This is definitely my number one favorite for this month. Like I said, February has been filled with non-stop stress due to my hardest semester to date, my job, and everything in between. It's been chaotic. So I decided to take up yoga and let me tell you, it really does make such a difference. I feel relaxed, healthier, stronger, and generally in a much better mood.

Usually when I'm trying to become fit and healthy, I dread getting exercise. I always make excuses up so I don't have to go. For example, I usually used "I have no time" or "I'm too busy". Well with yoga it's the complete opposite. I FIND time to go to classes and I make the effort to go at least 3 times a week. It really makes my week so much better.

2. Burberry Brit for Women Eau de Parfum
Ever since I was little, Burberry perfume has always seemed so glamorous. I remember getting the sample card and telling myself, I'm going to wear this when I'm older and here I am, many many years later, wearing the brand I've always wanted to. I recently decided that I was allowed to spoil myself every once in a while and after I saw the perfume in Ulta, I knew it was finally time.

This perfume is amazing! I only wear it when I'm dressed in nicer clothes that aren't leggings, nike shorts, t-shirts and tank tops. I want it to last. The smell is to die for and my inner child is screaming with joy every time I spritz some on my neck!
3. Burt's Bees Lip Balm
This product was literally my life saver. After my trip to Cozumel, my lips are extremely sunburnt. I used Blistex Lipbalm for a while and it didn't really help. All of the sudden, my lips were bright red, peeling, swollen, and at times had puss coming out of them. It was the worse thing I have ever encountered.

I then decided to try Burts Bees. It helped so much and cleared everything up. It was a miracle. My lips finally looked normal and felt great! I don't know what I would've done if I didn't get this lip balm!

4. Eylure Lengthening False Lashes n° 035
These are by far my favorite false lashes I have ever owned. They aren't too big that they obviously look fake but definitely make a difference compared to your normal lashes. They are easy to apply and not expensive at all!

I have been wearing them on a daily basis and I sometime forget they're there. They aren't heavy and go with any makeup look you are trying to achieve.

5. Lush Cosmetics Karma Bubble Bar
I'm so in love with this bubble bar. The smell of it is so unique and it makes the water a beautiful purple. I firmly believe that every bath is even better when it has bubbles in it so that's why bubble bars are perfect! Another thing I like about bubble bars is that you can use it multiple times, unlike bath bombs.

When I'm feeling extra stressed out and I can't make a yoga class, I simply use some of this bubble bar, light a candle, and listen to some acoustic music and I can honestly say it calms me down a lot.
6. To Do Pad
This has been the most useful product ever. I'm so happy I received it during the Valentine's Day Blogger Swap that I participated in. I write down everything that I need to get done for the week, including the day I need to do the task. This really helps me out with my horrible procrastination problem that I developed freshmen year in college.

Want to know the best part? It's magnetic. The pad has a magnetic strip on the back of it so I hang it on my refrigerator so I will never miss it. It's probably the best thing that has happened to my blogging/vlogging and education life!

7. Signature Soy "Sweet Spun Sugar" Candle
I actually got this product on Christmas as a white elephant gift, but I didn't use it at the time because I was so engulfed in my Christmasy-pine needle-cinnimon-smelling candles I already had. Now that Valentine's Day has past and spring is in the air, I thought this cotton candy flavored candle was the perfect match.

It fills my room with sweet smelling joy and definitely relaxes you. I mean, what candle doesn't? Since I've been taking so many baths lately as well I've been using this more and more. It's sold in Target and if you're ever skimming the isles, stop and give this a sniff.

8. Odie
And last but DEFINITELY NOT LEAST, my baby boy, Odie. He has become such a huge part of my life in such a short amount of time, so he had to be including in the monthly favorites (even though he's my favorite every month).

He really knows how to brighten up my day and even though I get stressed out and frustrated at him, it's a learning process that I'm so happy to be going through. 
I really hope you enjoyed reading all about my favorites this month. If you want me to do more monthly favorites posts, let me know down in the comments and tell me what some of your favorites were in February!


  1. Lush cosmetics are so awesome!!!! Love them!

    Casey | www.frenchblissme.com

  2. That candle sounds like it smells AMAZING!
    Also, I absolutely love LUSH products.

    xoxo, Jenny

  3. Yoga is definitely a favorite for de-stressing for me too! But of course my pups, Lexie and Jackson are my favorites year round along with my husband ;)
    xo, Laura
    Have Need Want

  4. Odie is the cutest thing in the whole world!

  5. I haven't tried the Karma bubble bar yet but love the soap and always have a spare bar in the house <3 lovely post and your dogs so cute btw! x

    Jenny | Krystel Couture

  6. What a sweet pup! I just love how much joy dogs bring into our lives :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista