Tuesday, January 19, 2016

GUYS! I have great news. JOHN AND I GOT A PUPPY!

His name is Odie, he's 3 months old, he's a Pitbull (Oh no! soooo scary... NOT!), and he's the sweetest thing there ever was!
This past weekend, I took a trip to San Antonio to look at Odie, whose mom had rejected him. The mom wasn't allowing him to eat, go outside, and would attack him. Because of this you would think he would be extremely aggressive, but that's the farthest thing from the truth.

Odie is very playful, good with children and other animals (we are still going to continue to socialize him because it's a crucial part in training a Pitbull), and he gives the best cuddles (he's definitely a mamas boy)!

The sad thing about society is how much people hate them. They aren't a vicious breed, they are just misunderstood. If you truly raise a dog right and responsibly, it will be fine. If you really think about it, that's how it is with any dog breed, not just the "scary" ones.

Most people believe college students shouldn't have puppies. They think they are too irresponsible, don't have enough time for the puppy, and aren't financially stable, however, I believe it can benefit a college student. Here's how.

1. Teaches responsibility: Having a living being depend solely on you is the biggest responsibility a person can have. While most college students only care about themselves and going out, they will put that to a complete stop if they have something that needs them. They will need to feed, bathe, and train the dog and be able to make the responsible decision all the time and always put the dog first.
2. Time management: College students are prone to naps, Netflix, and niks nie (Afrikaans for doing absolutely nothing!) When they aren't at school, they're in their beds. That's a fact. So when a puppy comes into the picture, they are able to put forth all that energy in doing nothing for much better and active things. It also allows them to plan ahead, which is crucial when balancing a puppy, school, job, and socialization.
3. Money management: We all know college students have the hardest time managing money. If they aren't spending it on school related necessities, they're spending it on alcohol, t-shirts, and food. Having a dog means budgeting. Vets bills will happen and buying food is a must, so planning what you spend will help in the long run. It will allow college students to realize what they NEED to buy rather than what they WANT to buy.
4. Gives motivation: Like I said before, college kids love taking naps and doing nothing. Having a puppy can motivate them to do more active things like going to the park or the beach! In my case, Pitbulls are very active dogs, so I will now be motivative to go on walks and runs with him so we can both get our exercise. Dogs also give college students motivation to do well at work so they can earn money for all of the dogs needs.

I really believe getting Odie will be such a great thing in my life. I wake up at the same day every morning to take him out and feed him and I'm already saving money for all of his needs. I'm so happy he's in my life and I'm proud to be a "Pibble Mama"!

What are your thoughts on college students owning puppies? Also, where do you stand on Pitbulls?


  1. So not showing my soon to be college student this post:) I do agree with your ideas but I think we will hold off on the puppy until graduation

  2. AAAwww!!!!!!!!!!! He is SSSOOOOO cute!!!!!!! How totally adorbs!!!!!! Sorry that's all I have to say really...........I'm still not over how utterly adorable he is!!!! <3 <3 <3

  3. Odie is actually adorable!! I would have never gotten a puppy in college just b/c of the time, money, and attention they require. I was already calling home for money and the expenses of a dog would have made my mom kill me. In terms of pitbulls, good for you for fighting the stigma! I have a pit bull boxer mix and he is the biggest baby. He adores his toddler cousin (my boyfriend's niece) and gives the best kisses! He's no more weary of strangers than my 8lb havanese!


  4. I think anyone can benefit from a dog :)

  5. I think they can definitely benefit from having a dog. I just adopted my pit from the shelter, but he's three years old and for me him being older and not a puppy was a bigger benefit. I'm full time work, part time school, and an hour commute each way-and honestly it's important that people understand that when you have a puppy, they need to go outside typically every 3 hours. So it's really important that if you don't have time for that kind of commitment, you definitely need to recognize that and adopt older.

    But yeah, dogs are great for college students for the support alone. The kind of anxiety relief my dog provides me is invaluable, and he makes me do things-I can't just sleep all day on the weekend, or he gets mad haha!

  6. What a cutie! I had a dog in college and she was a perfect companion, especially when I got my first apartment. Pit bulls have some of the best smiles ever!

  7. Many of these sad imprisoned dogs are protecting territory, because when you are in prison, that is all you know to do. How is the option of going to a dog park and encouraging your mostly social dog to be 100% social a "bind".
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  8. I honestly don't think the pitbull dog is aggressive and evil. The idea of "If you actually own a dog properly and responsibly, it will be okay. If you really think about it, that's how it happens to any dog, not just dogs." "scary"." great. I love your way of thinking and opinion about this pitbull dog. They really need the right care. Thanks for your article, it's awesome