Thursday, October 15, 2015

Just like Halloween treats, Halloween drinks are extremely fun to make! I thought it would be cool to do two extremely different drinks; one alcoholic, the other non-acoholic, one pumpkin flavored, and the other citrus flavored. Both are extremely easy to make and don't take long… So lets get started!

Candy Corn Punch
Orange Soda (Fanta, Crush, Fanta, etc.)
Yellow Gatorade
Zero Calorie Lemonade Vitamin Water

Fill your cup/pitcher/whatever you are using all the way to the top with ice. To layer the types of drinks, you have to pay attention to the amount of sugar in each drink. The drink with the most amount of sugar will go on the bottom and the one with the least amount of top.

With that being said, slowly trickle the orange soda into the glass until 1/3 of it is filled. Then slowly pour the yellow gatorade into the glass until it fills 2/3 of your glass. Lastly, pour the vitamin water on top to fill the glass all the way. Then your done!

Pumpkin Pie Milkshake (alcoholic)
2 cups of vanilla ice cream
1/2 cup of milk
1/4 of cream or half and half
1 tablespoon of vanilla extract
2/3 cup of pureed pumpkin
1/2 tablespoon of pumpkin pie spice
1/3 cup of graham cracker crumbs
2-3 ounces of of bourbon
frosting + sprinkles for glasses

Add all ingredients to a blender and mix until combined. Rim the glasses with a light coating of frosting then dip in sprinkles. Pour the milkshake into the glass and top with whip cream if desired. Serve!

These two seasonal drinks are the best addition to any Halloween party or a relaxing night in with your friends, plus they taste amazing! Go on and give them a try, you won't be disappointed!

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