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Tuesday, July 7, 2015


I've come to accept that I have absolutely no idea on how to prepare for an international trip. So it's no surprise that I read and re-read my favorite blogs (and vigorously searched Pinterest) on what to pack in my carry on for a long flight. After what feels like a lifetime of research, I have finally decided on what to bring.

With this being my longest flight I've ever been on (24 hours of flying + 18 of layovers), it's no wonder why I feel like I'm packing my entire life in my carry on plus even more in my check-in luggage. I'm taking a backpack for my easy access essentials as well as a carry on luggage with the items I might not necessarily need on the plane but will be very convenient for my layovers. So with no further ado, I present PACKING FOR SOUTH AFRICA (CARRY ON EDITION)!

1) Black JanSport BackpackThis is the bag that I will be taking with me on the flight and will be next to me at all times. The big main zipper and small front pocket will fit all of my necessities comfortably. It's such a sturdy backpack that I've had for years and I'm confident that it will be around for many years and trips to come!

2) Michael Kors Wallet: This item is such a necessity. No matter where you go, whether it's down the street or on the other side of the world, you HAVE to take your wallet. It's a no brainer! The Michael Kors wallet I have is great because of the amount of space it has, allowing you to be able to fit all your necessities in it without being too bulky!

3) Rampage Memory Foam Travel Pillow: This memory foam neck pillow is the ideal travel companion for a long flight! For the longest time, I thought they were so unnecessary, but after reading about it, I just had to get one. Apparently they're amazing! Its so incredibly soft and it's pink so of course I HAD to get it!

4) United States Passport: Another no brainer is your passport! If you are traveling internationally, then you have to have this. If not, you can't leave! That pretty much explains why you need this with you!

5) iPhone 6/Charger: My audio books, music, and pretty much my life is on my phone, so it's no surprise I have to bring it. I'm also bringing my charger, just in case I need a quick charge over my layovers!

6) Canon EOS Rebel T5 Camera: This camera is my baby! It's brand new and without it, I wouldn't be able to capture so many memories throughout the trip. Plus it's light weight and not too big so it fits perfectly in my backpack for easy access!

7) Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen: Books are such a great way to pass time and if you're like me and love to read, it's best to bring a few. I'm bringing three books, including the one featured above, Water for Elephants. I have been wanting to read this book for the longest time and now I finally have the time to read it during the flight! I honestly can't wait to start it!

8) Trina Sun Daze Medium Clutch Make-up Bag: I bought this adorable make-up bag from Ulta just for this trip. While the majority of my make-up/skin care products will be in my check-in luggage, I figured taking some necessities on the plane was a great idea to freshen up my face and makeup throughout the flight.
I made sure to purchase the travel size versions of these products, so there won't be any problems while going through security at the airport!

9) Headphones: These are a must-have! Headphones are the best way to distract yourself while on a long haul flight by listening to audio books, music, movies, etc. I use the apple headphones because, in my opinion, they are the most comfortable.

10) Chewing Gum: Every time I'm on an airplane, my ears pop like crazy while ascending and descending so chewing gum allows me to minimize that. It also lets me freshen up my breath while on the plane.

11) Belle City Gifts Travel Journal: I am bringing a simple journal with me on this trip so I can write down all the exciting things I did while there as well as my feelings for each day. The main reason a journal was one of my must-haves for this trip was because I plan on making a travel scrapbook with receipts, pictures, ticket stubs, etc. as well as some pages of this journal. I want to remember this trip for a lifetime and the best way for me to do that is to jot everything down.
1) Anne Klein Fast Lane Luggage Set: Ever since I was little, I have wanted my own luggage set. Well for this trip, I finally got to live my childhood dream and got one. The set comes with three pieces and is in my favorite color, so of course it's cute! For my carry on, I'm using the smallest and lightest luggage in the set.

2) 15" MacBook Pro/Charger: I feel like this is another inevitable carry on item. By having your laptop with you, it allows you to check social media, watch movies, and do work while traveling. It also gives me the opportunity to Skype my family while on my trip.

3) Large Tan Fleece Blanket: Airports and airplanes are always cold so having a handy blanket is a smart option for all travelers. This blanket is warm yet light allow ultimate warmth while not making you sweat like a pig!

4) Toothbrush/Toothpaste: These two are must-haves if you have long layovers, like me. While the chewing gum is easy and accessible, while in the airport you can really make sure your breath is fresh.

5) Scope Travel Sized Mouthwash: The mouthwash is pretty much the same as the toothbrush and toothpaste in terms of importance. When it's time to meet those waiting for you at the airport, having a quick swish of mouthwash is a great way to feel minty fresh!

6Brut DeodorantAlthough this deodorant is aimed towards men, I love using it. It's long lasting and doesn't smell like baby powder that most women deodorants do. It doesn't leave the white residue that most deodorants leave, making this great to wear with black clothing.

7) Intimates: It is always good to have extra intimates inside your carry-on, like underwear, bras, socks, etc. You never know if your luggage will get lost or something will happen and you're in need of extra!

8) Extra Clothes: Just like the intimates, you should always have an extra set of clothes in your carry-on just in case something happens unexpectedly.

Now that you've had a look inside my carry-on backpack and luggage, I hope you didn't die of boredom. (just kidding!) I do, however, truly hope this will help some of you that will be traveling soon. I know blog posts like this really helped me! Stay tuned for some posts about my trip!

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