Sunday, June 14, 2015

Summer is the time where it's all about fun in the sun, friends, and no worries. It's a time to sleep in and stay up late, all while making incredibly, crazy memories. My case, however, is a bit different. My summer has turned into non-stop studying and working, all on top of trying to find minimal time for myself. With that being said, it may explain my M.I.A. status lately (which I completely apologize for)! Heck, I'm even writing this post during my study break for an exam, so that must say something!

Living by the beach seems like a dream for the summer season, but with a schedule like mine, I rarely get to see it. It seems so close yet so far away. On my rare days off, I try to go (even if it's just to look at the water) but sometimes it doesn't seem to work out. I either have school work to do or I'm way too tired and end up falling asleep for the rest of the day.