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Tuesday, March 10, 2015


For many girls, dreaming (and planning) a proposal in their heads is a right of passage. It's a way to create their own fairy tale ending with a made up guy they believe they're going to marry. Most consist of music, flowers, a romantic carriage ride (what? just me?), a secret photographer, and many many tears. But I don't think any of our six year old selves would have ever considered sky diving. Well that's exactly what happened.
Oh, were you thinking it was mine? Yeah that's funny. It was more like a bucket list check mark for me…
… And a life-changing moment for my brother and his (now) fiancĂ©. Although I'm extremely excited about my accomplishment (which I have been wanting to do for the past six years now), that's nothing compared to this proposal! The bride-to-be had no idea! She simply thought it was an exciting yet dangerous first for us and the family came to watch. Little did she know that we all knew what was going to happen right after (even the skydive instructors knew!) Once she said yes, it was smooth sailing from there while we celebrated!

I honestly feel so incredible blessed to have been a part of this life changing moment for two wonderful people. I know they will continue to grow together as they take off on this magnificent journey hand by hand. Congratulations Jacob and Hollie on your engagement! (Now when's it time to plan the wedding? My Pinterest board is waiting to be used!)

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