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Thursday, January 8, 2015


Inspiration comes in many different forms.
It can come from a piece of art or a simple act of kindness. It can come from someone unexpected or even someone who has been there all along. No matter where inspiration presents itself, it can change your life forever.

Recently, I have been inspired to create a bucket list. Although bucket lists may come across as cliché, I believe they can encourage people to stray from their comfort zone and gain so much in life that others wouldn't even dream of obtaining.

Go skydiving (March 7, 2015-San Marcos, TX. Read about it here.)
Get over my fear and cage dive with sharks
Start a blog (November 2014)
Go to Oktoberfest
See the Northern Lights
Attend a FIFA World Cup match
Feed a giraffe
See a musical on Broadway
Write a letter to Juliet in Verona
Learn another language
Travel Europe by train
Go on an African safari (August 5-11, 2015-Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. Read about it here.)
Run a marathon (December 8, 2019)
Write a book
Surf in Hawaii (Summer 2004)
Learn archery
Visit all 50 states with John
Swim with dolphins
Take a hot air balloon ride in Namibia
Camp at the Grand Canyon
Take a cooking class abroad
Marry the love of my life (January 6, 2018)
Attend the Ashes Cricket Series
Celebrate Carnival in Brazil
Go to Salem's Halloween Festival of the Dead
Throw a dart at a map and travel to wherever it lands
Float in the Dead Sea
Ride a camel
Spend the night in Times Square (May 18-20, 2016-8th & 48th, New York, New York. Read about it here.)
Go white water rafting
Recreate the photographs my dad took as a photographer

Although some of these don't seem too original, I genuinely believe experiencing these will make my life truly unique. I would be able to learn so many things and broaden my view on life and the world as a whole by completing this list. John and I have our own separate bucklist that we plan on doing together.

I plan to update this list as I go on by crossing off those I have achieved, adding more to the list, and linking blog posts with the corresponding goals.

So I end this post with a challenge to all of you. Think of some things that you have always wanted to do, whether it seems simple or impossible. Go out and try your hardest to complete them. And always remember these wise words, "You can, you should, and if you're brave enough to start, you will."

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