Saturday, December 6, 2014

Many people won't recognize the name Zoella, but it's one to be reckoned with. Zoe Sugg, the creator of "Zoella", is a fashion and beauty blogger/Youtube sensation. Even though you may not know who she is at the top of your head, you have definitely heard of her. She's the contagiously happy voice you hear in your daughters room at 11 o'clock at night when she should be sleeping. She's the reason why girls are now mentioning stores like Asos and Topshop and want to buy every shade of lipstick from MAC. And she is most definitely the reason why every girl wants to have a British accent.
It explains so much now, right?!

Recently after launching her very own beauty range, "Zoella Beauty",  Zoe released her first ever novel titled, Girl Online. Knowing me and my obsession with book stores, nobody was surprised that I just HAD to buy it the day it came out! (See previous blog post,  SAN ANTONIO|COLLEGE STATION) With as much excitement and anticipation as a little girl about to see Santa Claus, I immediately started reading it and it definitely didn't disappoint.

On the contrary to what most people may think, this novel isn't just a "typical teen romance" story where the damsel in distress will die without her love. This is a novel that sheds light on the positives and negatives of internet use and social media, young love, and social anxiety.

The reader jumps into the life of Penny Porter, a teenage girl who lives in Brighton. Anonymously, she begins a blog to speak her mind and confide in help from her readers (I guess now you can see why I wanted to read this book so bad). Once things at school seem to get worse and worse for Penny, her family received an opportunity to whisk her away from the embarrassment to a dream-like holiday in New York City. There, she meets Noah and soon falls in love while capturing every moment with him on her blog. What Penny doesn't know is that Noah has a secret too, that could potentially ruin her online alias, as well as her closest friendship.

The characters in this novel are probably the main reason as to why I fell in love with this book. Penny is so relatable, from the embarrassing things she says to the way she over thinks situations. The way Zoe presented Noah was over-the-top amazing. He wasn't described as the stereotypical perfect looking guy that everyone wants, it was more along the lines of "wow this guy seems really cool in an artsy kind of way". The other characters within the book had their own personalities that I, too, connected with in different ways.

This book perfectly captures the true meaning to what it's like growing up in the today's digital world and coming from a generation where taking the perfect selfie is the most important thing on Earth, I can relate.

Overall, Zoe Sugg did a remarkable job as the author of this record breaking book. It creates a familiar world for it's readers, while incorporating a lovely mixture of laughs, cries, and many shocking surprises. I simply can't wait for the second book to come out (especially since a pile of questions filled my head after finishing it). I definitely recommend this book to everyone who has a chance to read it. Promise me, you won't regret it.


  1. This is a good review Kaci! Even with all the controversy surrounding the book, I now still kinda want to read it!

    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

    1. Thank you so much! It really means a lot.
      You definitely should!
      xoxo Kaci

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