Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Now that finals are over, it's finally time to focus on the more important things...
The most wonderful time of the year has arrived and I'm able to spend it in shorts and a tank top (thanks  to Texas weather), but I'm definitely grateful for it. Ending the semester on a fantastic note, makes the stress of school worth it, especially now that I can relax and spend all my time thinking of the ones I love.

The lights that are strung from every tree around town and the Christmas music that blares from every store confirms that the season is truly here. The happiest time of year. It's the time to build gingerbread houses with your little brother and decorate the tree with baubles and fairy lights. It's the time where going house to house singing carols is acceptable, because let's face it... that would be weird in July. And it's certainly the time to quote A Christmas Story whenever an opportunity presents itself.

Not only is Christmas about the decorations and traditions. It's about the power of giving. Making someone a heart-filled gift or baking Christmas cookies for a stranger, can brighten anybody's day and isn't that what Christmas is all about? Sharing the joy of the season with others around you? So next time you go shopping, donate some money to The Salvation Army people who spend days on end ringing a bell outside a store or buy a gift for someone unexpected, I TRIPLE dog dare ya! Who knows, it could turn their whole day around.

On that note, bring out the tacky sweaters, enjoy a big mug full of hot chocolate, do something nice for someone, and binge watch all your favorite Christmas movies, because the (not so) white holiday season is finally here!

P.S: Thank you to my best friend, Bri for letting me take pictures of her adorable Christmas bedding!

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