Thursday, November 20, 2014

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Making a blog can be extremely nerve wrecking. Not knowing what to say exactly
and wondering who will read it (if anybody), seems to always pop up in the back of your mind and that's terrifying. 
The constant anxiety of criticism fills your body,
paralyzing you. What if your favorite blogger comes across your post
and they can't even read another word due to their disgust? What if you're not even
a good blogger? What if... what if... what if?

That, my friends, is exactly what went through my mind
when I first decided I wanted to blog.

And here I am, writing to you in my first blog post, EVER. It seems pretty
surreal to be the one typing, instead of reading, but this is going to be the nothing short
of amazing. I CAN FEEL IT!

My blogs are going to simply consist of my thoughts. Whether it's a new product that I
love that I want to share or a recap of that one amazing road trip I took with
five of my friends. This is a place where I'll be safe to express
myself in a way that I've never been able to. This
is the start of something new! (no HSM reference intended)
I hope y'all enjoy getting a look inside my brain.


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