Thursday, November 27, 2014

As Gossip Girl once said,
"Thanksgiving began when Pilgrims and Indians
came together to share the bountiful harvest. On the Upper
East side, that tradition is upheld with a bountiful harvest
of secrets, lies, and scandals."

Unfortunately, we're not all filthy rich and unbelievably attractive, but you can never go wrong with a Gossip Girl quote.

In reality, Thanksgiving is a time where family and friends can come together in remembrance of all that they're thankful for. It's a time to truly feel the undeniable love and support of those who surround you. And it's most definitely a time to stuff your face with the best food imaginable.

Thanksgiving is when family will visit from all over just to cram inside a three bedroom apartment in order to spend only four hours together. It's gathering around the living room so we can pass the phone to one another while talking to our Uncle in Greece. Thanksgiving is donating food to the less fortunate and waking up early just to watch the parade in New York.

No matter who you are, where you come from, or what traditions you and your loved ones uphold, make sure you spend your Thanksgiving in a way that'll make you truly happy. Go get some ice cream from down the street or shop in that one cute little shopping strip that always decorates for Christmas a month early. Whatever you do, have an unforgettable time!

As for me? I'll be surrounded by family, tailgating food, and college football. What more could anyone ask for?

So whether you're "keeping strangers company" in a bar like Serena or searching for the perfect pie like Blair, just remember to always be thankful.

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